Healing is the channelling of the universal energies that works through a person’s love and care for another.

Spiritual healing is the universal energy which comes from the universe, or whatever label you are most comfortable with.  It is a gift to all people here on earth regardless of your race, creed or religion.  All people who feel empathy, kindness and love can give healing.  Just look at a mother who strokes her child over the injury.  Automatically she sends this energy out that she wish it to get better.  She does that because she cares and feels love and empathy for the child.  The same goes for a healer.

The healing energy is a spiritual energy with unconditional love that comes from the universe, God, Cosmos – well, any label you feel most comfortable with.  It is a creative energy that we use when channelling this energy through unconditional service.  The healer does not use his/her own energy but is a channel for this healing energy.

All conditions can be treated with healing and it is not necessary to believe in it.  Having faith in both the method and the therapist is a help, like in all treatments in traditional medicine as well, but it is not necessary to believe and therefore a sceptic would benefit from it as well. The healing energy always go to where it is most needed, whether it is the spiritual, mental, emotional or the physical body.  Even if the healer can see or feel the different conditions in the body, the healer will never diagnose. Depending on the different conditions in the body and then mind the healing energy will affect people differently and you can therefore never beforehand say how quickly a condition can change.  It can be two identical situations, where the one person feels a great relief and where the other feels no different at all.  We know now that we will always be affected in some way, regardless the healing energy does not have any negative side effects – on the contrary, in some way it will always be a bit better.

Most often the healing energy has a very good effect on stress related problems and by this the body has the opportunity to take care of the problem itself, but everything is depending on different conditions in the body. A healer’s job is first and foremost to help people to an increased life quality, by channelling this healing energy.  What many people call ‘miracles’ is very rare but more common is a slow but sure recovery which leads to an increase in Life quality – and just having that is Worth a lot to someone suffering.  As a healer you can never promise any results, but through the understanding of how this unconditional loving energy works you know that it is always received on some level, which is in most cases very needed and welcomed.

The healing energy can be administered to anyone, including babies, kids and animals, and none of them has any preconceived ideas about it.  It is an obvious statement but it is still very important to understand that it doesn’t demand anything of the person receiving healing.  Openness and a will to accept is helpful of course just like a wish to get better – a positive outlook on life and attitude always assist the energy, just like in traditional medicine.  Our way of thinking matters a great deal in all recovery regardless of treatment.  You always receive your healing with your clothes on, even if the overcoat and shoes are removed, as well as glasses and hearing-aid.  This doesn’t affect the healing energy in any way, but is for your comfort.

With Spiritual Healing you will not only feel better by receiving this unconditional, loving energy, but also the healer will receive parts of it since the energy is working through him/her.  The more healing you give, the more you’ll receive yourself.

Please observe – Spiritual Healing is a complement to traditional medicine and never instead of it.  Always see a doctor if you are unsure and if you are under some sort of medical treatment from a doctor, the healing energy will assist this condition and work with the positive benefits from that treatment, but always consult your doctor first.