Group Demonstration

En evening with love, warmth and meetings with the Spirit World.

Welcome to an evening where the Spirit World takes their chance to come through to prove their existence and to support and encourage us who still are living here on the Earth plane.

A Group Demonstration is a smaller and a more private gathering than a large public demonstration, where the demonstration is for a smaller amount of people or in a private Group of people in somebody’s home.  We can’t decide who from the Spirit World will come, as Little as we can decide that they should be there.  As a spiritualist medium we can only work if the Spirit World choose to come at that particular time.  If they choose not to we can’t work either, and that is something we accept.  Sometimes the Contact is very strong and sometimes it is not – it is so different between the Contacts and the occassions.  As a visitor

As a visitor at one of these events, you can send a loving thoughts to your loved ones in Spirit who you wish to come this evening but you should also continue to be open to others that can come to you. Don’t be closed up for them, but be inviting in your mind.  In this way it will be easier for your loved ones to come Close to you and hopefully be able to relay their presence and message to you.

Do you want to book me for a private Group Demonstration at home  or if you want we can organise it in my space and it is as follows: min. 8 persons and 250 SEK/person or that you will pay for 8 people even if you’re less people that evening.

To book or get more information either call me or send me an email.

NOTE! Max 12 people. (Ticket 250 kr)  Pay by Swish, debit card or cash.