Healing treatment

Healing treatment

A healing treatment is where the Healer administers the loving healing energy to the person who is physically present.

Start by reading about what Healing is and when you have done that and you have a greater understanding  it is then time to explain what a healing treatment is and what you as a patient can expect from it.

The Healer will describe to you how he/she works and then you’ll get the question if this is ok with you.  You will keep your clothes on during the whole treatment, and the Healer, with your permission, will lay their hands on you to administer the healing energy.  This is what is known as Contact Healing or just Healing for short. The Healer is very aware of their he/she puts the hands and will never put them on a sensitive area on the body during the treatment, since they are working under strict moral and ethical codes.  The Healer will be asking you to lay as comfortable on the healing bench as possible and to relax, and don’t try to figure out what is going on.  The more you can relax and enjoy the treatment the better the energy will be able to work with you.

Afterwards the Healer will not start to tell you what he/she has ‘experienced’ since that communication will be between the Healer and the Healing guides.  Many people believe that the Healer will start to communicate with loved ones to the person receiving healing, but if the Healer does this then the healing link will be broken and they move into Mediumship communication instead. This cannot happen simultaneously during a healing treatment regardless of what they say.  They are two totally separate energies and if you are to use the healing energy then you should also do just that.  A Medium can send this healing energy piggy-backing with their messages which are natural if they also work with Healing, since it will be with compassion and love to other people. It is, however, important to know that this is how it works.  You can’t work as a Healer with the healing energies and at the same time working with the Mediumship energy.  Healers who have not yet understood this or learnt the difference normally works in this way.  If the customer is there for healing, then they should also get just that.

In several countries in Europe you can visit a Healer on Doctor’s orders, if they fell that you would benefit from it, since they work more holistic than we do here in Sweden.

Healing treatment:  350 kr / 30 min.

You can pay the treatment either by debit card or cash upon arrival.  We speak English so that is not a problem for us if you prefer us to speak that rather than Swedish.  If you do not understand written Swedish you are better booking your appointment via phone or email to us.