Private Sitting

A Private Sitting with the medium is exactly  what it sounds like – a private consultation.

It is done basically the same way as the Public Demonstration but the difference here is that you are on your own together with the medium during the time the reading is done.  An appointment with love, warmth and meeting with your loved ones who already are in the Spirit World. A private meeting where the Spirit World takes the opportunity to come through to prove their existence and for support and encouragement to us who still are on the Earth plane.

Here you will get to know who is communicating through information which will recognise the person.  After this the message is given which you should understand.  There will also be a certain amount of guidance from the Spirit World to us, but not even them can predict the future for us, since nothing is cast in stone.

We also like to recommend you to record your Reading so that you have the chance to listen to it at a later date, since it is impossible to remember everything that is being said.  Our advice is to record the reading, or you will most often regret it afterwards.  Either if you wish to record it by yourself or we have recording device, which we will put onto a CD to send to you.

Private Reading 30 min: 600 kr

CD: 50 kr (incl. postage since we send the cd to you by mail)
You can pay the reading either by Swish, debit card or cash upon arrival.  The Reading will be done in English if you prefer that rather than Swedish.  If you do not understand written Swedish you are better booking your appointment via phone or email to us.