What is Mediumship

To develop Mediumship takes time, a lot of hard work and above all patience.  Contrary to what all intensive weekend courses promises, there is nothing “quick” about Mediumship. What is a medium then?

A medium is just a regular person who has developed their senses for the possibility to communicate with people who have passed over to the other side.  A medium’s actual purpose is to provide proof of survival of the so called “death”.  When saying this you have to accept that we might not be able to prove that we have eternal Life, but we can give as much evidence as needed for the person has come to consult us that it is enough evidence for them.  By communicating with a person in the spirit world they can give us enough evidence that is needed for this to happen.

A medium’s first job is to identify who you are in communication with and doing this by getting as much evidence about that person that you can eliminate all others that you have ever known.  If all the evidence that is given only before that person’s Death then there is no proof of survival.  It is therefore important that the medium can provide evidence for what has happened afterwards as well, in order to prove that Life continues and that they are aware of what is happening to us still who are still in the physical Life.  If the medium is aware of all the evidence that is relayed beforehand then it can be from the mediums own mind is therefore no proof of survival.  In order to finish this communication there must always be a message of importance or reason for them coming. It can be something as simple as just saying “love you” or a more detailed message. The most common form of Mediumship is what you call “mental Mediumship” and it is where the spirit World has the possibility to influence the medium by seeing, feeling or hearing.  The medium has the possibility to sense this either subjectively or objectively, where one is no more preferred than the other.  In this way they are collecting the information about the person, or the spirit that wish to communicate with their loved ones through the medium.  This is mostly demonstrated by a Demonstration or a Private Reading with a medium