Lindblom Academy offers courses and education within the spiritual subjects and personal and spiritual development with Mediumship, Healing and Meditation.

Are you dreaming about becoming a Medium or Healer? Or are you already a Medium or Healer and want to deepen your abilities?

To attend courses and education to develop your spiritual and mediumistic ability to communicate with the Spirit World is important, as well as finding a good teacher or mentor who can help you forward.

A good teacher or mentor can give you both knowledge, understanding and engagement to get your Certificate, if that is what you wish to achieve.  To read books, to do both psychic and mediumistic excersises to hone and practice your mediumistic gifts etc is also part of it.

Our education is based on great knowledge for how and why mediumship works, what mediumship is, as well as an understanding for the World of Spirit and how you connect with loved ones there.  

Helena Lindblom, DSNU(t), has achieved the highest standards within Mediumship at the world renowned school of psychic studies, Arthur Findlay College in England

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We offer a selection of online courses.
Here you will get the knowledge of how you can know if you are a medium,
what it is to be a medium and how you train your mediumistic ability.

How you can be more receptive to the loved ones in Spirit,
but also the personal development within you, to be able to become more of this wonderful ambassador for the World of Spirit that we know you wish to become.

We are serious in our efforts to be able to help you to understand your own spiritual potential and how you can develop your spiritual, mediumistic and healing abilities in a good way.

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Helena have worked within this field during many years and have many Certificates and Diplomas from amongst others  Arthur Findlay College in England. This gives you as a client and student an understanding and satisfaction in knowing that she knows what she is doing and she has the skills to do it as well.


We are offering a simple system for you to book yourself into one of our courses and events, where you can easily see the days and times when they are held as well as different payment options available so you can choose which one is best for you.


We are making sure we keep our prices in line with what we are offering so you as a client and student will feel happy with what you are receiving.

 "Easy to understand and great course.  Will be attending the live webinars as well." 

Susan, Eastbourne, England

 "Good course.  Will continue on the next one.  Many good and easy exercises. Recommended!" 

Debbie, New York, USA

 "The pieces fell into place, finally! Thank you! A great course with theory, meditations and good exercises.    Really good teacher with knowledge and care." 

Johnny, Kiel, Germany