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A Private Sitting is connecting to loved ones in Spirit is private time with Helena Lindblom.

In a private sitting with me, I connect to loved ones who are in the Spirit World.  

They take the opportunity to come through to prove their existence and for support to their loved ones who they left behind, who are still living our lives here in the physical.  

I do not know in advance who will be connecting with me, but they haven't forgotten us.    

I cannot decide either what they would like to relay.  My work is to try to be the best channel between these two worlds of existence that I can be.  

I will not talk about diseases, accidents or predict the future.  I will not disclose anything which has been talked about in the sitting.

I will record this sitting onto a MP3 file which I will email to you within a few days afterwards.

(This digital sitting will be done online via Zoom.) 

A medium's task is to give personal evidcence to prove life continues after the so-called "death"

  • Our soul lives on and through the connection with our loved ones who have transitioned to the Spirit World before us, a medium can relay personal evidence about them so we understand that this is how it works
  • A medium is not there to predict the future, since nothing is cast in stone. We have a great personal responsibility of our own lives and how we choose to live it 
  • Our loved ones in Spirit would like to relay that they have made the journey over to the etheric world and that they are fine.  They also like to make sure that we who are left behind are fine as well, and they often like to give a few tips and ideas of how we can think or where we can look to get perspective on things
  • They cannot and will not tell us what to do or how to think but would like to cheer us up and spur us on 
  • I record the sitting so that you can listen to it at a later date if you wish to do so

Private sitting 30 min: 75 euro
The recording of the sitting included (MP3 recording).  You pay for the sitting when you book.

I offer digital meetings online.  The digital sitting is done through 'Zoom'. Click the button below to read more.