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A Spiritual Assessment about you.

A spiritual assessment is an important tool for the ones who are developing their spiritual abilities.

This assessment is led by me which offers guidance and helps people to gain clarity, purpose and self-confidence on their spiritual journey.

This type of assessment is like consulting a medium for life guidance, but it also specifically focuses on the spiritual growth within that person.  

I, who is the spiritual advisor am a very experienced medium who can navigate the different nuances of the spiritual development which is happening within that person.  

The person who seeks spiritual assessment does that for several reasons.

These most often include seeking assurance that they are following the right spiritual pathway, and finding a way to overcome the feelings of 'feeling lost' or 'being stuck' in their spiritual development.

They might seek confirmation of their abilities and experiences, discover new spiritual abilities, receive advice on how to move forward on their journey and engage in meaningful dialogue with an experienced medium.

At Arthur Findlay College, which is the highest renowned leading institution for psychic studies in the world, where I have, among other places, received my thorough education and achievements, is this spiritual assessment the most popular service of them all.  

Those who are devoted to their spiritual development also realise that it is a deep-rooted spiritual journey, and they appreciate the value of regularly judge and reflect on their spiritual achievements. 

I will not predict the future but trying to give you insight about your spiritual potential which can include a glimps of your situation where you are at right now.

  • I can only give information which I receive through my mediumship and the cooperation from my guides in Spirit
  • I will link with my spirit team of guides and helpers which in turn will be in contact with your spirit team and in this way relay the information they wish to relay to you
  • This guidance will be recorded as an MP3 file and is included in the price. In this way, you can listen to the assessment again at a later date if you wish
  • The recording will be sent to you within a week of the recording
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Spiritual Assessment 30 min: 75 euro
Recording (MP3-file) included.  You pay when you book.

I offer digital meetings online.  These meetings are done via 'Zoom'.