Spiritual Healing is the channelling of the universal energies which work through a person's love and care of others.

Spiritual healing is the universal energy from God or the Universe, whatever label you feel comfortable using.
It is a gift to mankind, regardless of race, creed or religion.  All people who have compassion, empathy, love and care for others can give healing.

The same goes for a healer.

The Healing energy is a spiritual energy and unconditional love which comes from God, the Universe, the Cosmos - any label you are comfortable using.

  • It is a creative energy, so when we give healing, we use this energy through unconditional service.  The Healer is not healing from him/herself but is only a channel for this healing energy
  • All conditions can be treated with healing and you do not need to have faith, even if faith in both the method and the therapist helps, just like in traditional medicine.  But it is not necessary to believe in it and that is why even sceptics will benefit from healing
  • The Healing energy always goes where it is needed the most, regardless of whether it is the spiritual, the mental, the emotional or the physical body
  • Even if the healer can see or sense different conditions in the body, he or she never diagnose
  • Depending upon the different conditions both in the body and the mental state, the healing energy affects people differently, and it is therefore not possible to judge in advance how quickly a condition can change
  • It can be two identical medical conditions and where one person feels a big difference where the other person do not

Every person is affected in some way, regardless, the healing energy does not have any negative side effects - on the contrary, there is always a betterment in some way.

The healing energy has, in most cases, a very nice effect on stress-related conditions.  Due to this, the body now has a better possibility to heal.  However, everything depends upon the different conditions in the body.

A spiritual healer's greatest task is to give people an increased quality of life, through this healing energy.  

What many people call 'miracles' is very rare but what is more common is to slowly but surely get an increased sense of quality of life.  Just that makes it worthwhile!

As a healer, we can never promise anything.  Through the understanding of how this energy of unconditional love works, we know it is always received on some plane, which is always welcome and necessary.

The healing energy can be given to everyone, even babies, young children and animals.  None will have preconceived ideas of what to expect.

It is quite an obvious statement, but it is still important to understand that nothing is required by the ones receiving healing.  

An openness and a willingness to accept help of course, just as a wish to get better.  A positive outlook on life always helps the healing process, just like in traditional medicine.

Our way of thinking also plays an important role in all healing, regardless of treatment.  

OBS! Spiritual healing complements traditional medicine and is never instead of it.  Always seek medical help if you are unsure.  If you are under some kind of treatment from a doctor, this healing energy will assist this condition and the positive effect increases.

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