Absent Healing is to send this loving healing energy to someone who is not physically present.

Spiritual Healing comes from the Spirit, works through the Spirit of the one who is channelling the energy, to the Spirit of the person receiving it. Everything is living matter and thought is as living and is not dependent upon a physical place to work. This is true also for the spiritual energy. It can be as effective from a distant as Contact Healing is. What separates them is just that with Contact Healing you feel the Healer put their hands on your body, which in turn activates the endorphins in your body, the body’s own feel-good hormones. With Absent Healing the person is not physically present, but thoughts of betterment are sent from the Healer to the one who needs healing. The power of the healing energy is therefore not affected of time, distance, or cause but of the healer who is sending it. It is for the healer to have developed its contact with his/her spirit friends and the stronger that contact is the stronger the healing energy will be able to work through the Healer. We are labelled healers, but it is not we who are the true healers. We are only a channel for this beautiful energy, it is the spiritual doctors who are the healers.

When you receive absent healing, you do not need to worry about what to think or how to be in any way. Nor does it matter how your day is laid out. Since it is the spiritual doctors administering this healing energy, who also have a vast knowledge about this, they also know what time and in what condition you need to be in, so they can assist you and help you in the best way possible. If anything, a positive attitude is always helpful, regardless of what we do in life but it has no effect on the healing energy for it to work or not.

We are all a spiritual being and this beautiful, loving, and caring energy will do so much good for every living being, since it is not asking for anything in return. It is an act of kindness, love and wish for someone to hopefully be able to have a better life quality. If, for some reason, this healing energy should not be received, it will be determined on a spiritual level and nothing we need to be worried about. This energy will then be directed to someone or something else in the universe where it is better needed. When we are sending absent healing to you do not need to specifically sit and wait for this to happen at a certain time. The spiritual doctors know when the right condition for you to receive this since their knowledge supersedes ours here on earth. They are not governed by our linear timeline, but by condition. This simply means that they know best when to administer this energy to you to achieve the best results. Often this is done during the night when asleep, since we are most receptive then, and sometimes it is at another time. We let them decide who knows this better than us.

Do you need Absent Healing or know someone who you feel would be in need, just email us.

What we wish to know about the person who is to receive Absent Healing is as follows;  
* Name
* Location
* As much information as possible about the condition they need help with

We will then be directing absent healing to you /them for a while and we never charge for absent healing.

For more information - send us an email to: info@lindblomacademy.com