Life continues after what we call the physical death

  • Mediums communicate with spirits who have done the transformation to what we call the spirit world, and who continue to exist
  • These mediums communicate from loved ones in the spirit world, to the spirits who are still in the physical, which proves to them that there is a continuation of life
  • This communication changes people’s lives who receive these messages
  • The souls who are still in the physical will always have shared memories of the people who have passed over, but now they have a reunion to also look forward to in the future 
  • To know that they once again will be able to spend time with the ones they once loved and meant so much to them 
  • We absolutely believe that this changes peoples view on life with the understanding of life and death
  • They start to realise that this short time on earth is not all that is to it
  • This we find is common sense, for why should we go through this existence on earth just to cease to exist, to be extinguished?

We grow and develop, and scientists today agree that there is a part of us that is not only physical

  • They also accept that we have a mind, so for us, it is as accepted that we are spirit
  • That we have a creative force within us, that we are energy and that we know which is also scientifically proven, that energy cannot cease to exist, only transform
  • We live on but not in a physical form, but our energy is transformed and our mind and the creative side of us continue to live
  • When we have accepted this in our lives and realise that it is not only a material existence we live, where we all can be selfish and take what we want from it, but also something that continues to live on after the physical death, we get another perspective
  • Then we realise that what we do in our lives is what builds and creates our future and that we are entirely and personally responsible for our thoughts, actions and deeds
  • It is not good enough to blame someone else for how we feel and what we have in our lives
  • We are not victims of circumstances, but we choose ourselves how to handle it
  • This is our responsibility, and this is also a key factor that indicates who and what we are
  • When we also realise that our responsibility does not stop when we leave the physical world behind, since we continue to exist, our responsibility continues also for our actions, thoughts, and deeds

With this knowledge, it changes how we live our lives

  • Some people can feel that their physical life is very unjust, and we see injustice everywhere
  • Some people are never convicted for the crimes they commit, and some people are convicted for something they have not done and are completely innocent to
  • The other side of the coin is those people who work in the quiet, who are wonderful people who does so much good in the world but will never receive recognition for it
  • In the spirit world, everything is clear, and we will pay for the consequences our actions cause, but we are also compensated for all the loving thoughts and actions we've done
  • This we feel is a wonderful life philosophy
  • It has been said many times before, that if you can live by these principles, to make them your life philosophy, that all people could make it their life philosophy, the world would change
  • Then we would realise that we sow what we reap, that the universal law of cause and effect, the law of Karma, is valid for everyone
  • We cannot believe that we would reap friendship, love, and humbleness if we sow greed, malice, and spite
  • We would realise that what we put into our lives we will harvest a little bit further on in our lives, sometimes in our physical life, sometimes in our spiritual life

We don't need to believe we are spirit; we need to know it

  • That is the difference which will change people’s lives
  • When we truly realise, we are spirit, we also realise that there is nothing in the physical world that can harm it
  • In this way, it changes the way we look at our own lives as well as others', the way we choose to live it
  • The philosophy of Spiritualism can change my life and yours, but also everyone else in the whole world
  • This can change the way we see things in comparison with other souls who shares our physical lives and coexists with us

The 7 Principles of Spiritualism is a religion, but it can also be a way of life, without the dogmas and creeds.  

Just be happy within and you will do good on the outside.  

When you know better - you do better!