Healing night – 40 kr!

During the Healing night you will firstly get a relaxing massage so you can more easily relax and then you’ll get healing.  All in all this takes about 20 minutes.  You’ll have your clothes on during the whole session.

When you come you will take off your shoes and coat, and pay the 40 kr that is the entrance fee for this evening, which is donated to Charity.  You will get a queue ticket and sit down and wait for your turn.  Relaxing and soothing Music is played in the background.  You can read Magazines, talk to other guests, or just sit quiet.  There is coffee/tea and cookie if you wish to purchase for a small fee.

When it is your turn you will follow the Healer into the next room and will be asked to sit up on the Healing bench.  The Healer will tell you what he/she will be doing and then ask you to just relax and enjoy the experience.  There are more benches with people on it in this room so it is much appreciated if you can keep the noise level down.

When the treatment is done you can now step off the bench and walk back into the waiting area.  It is now up to you if you wish to stay a little while, sit down and relax, maybe drink some water, have that coffee or if you just choose to go home – you feel what is right for you.

Remember that the healing energy is working whether you believe it or not, so it is not necessary to believe in it.  What is important however, is to tell us if you are pregnant, suffers from schizophrenia or any other mental illness of any kind.
Come in and make a difference for yourself and others – when you feel good on the inside, you do good on the outside too!
Drop-in Mondays between 5:30-7:00 p.m.   Entrance: 40 kr