Healing course

The Healing energy is within all people who can feel empathy and love with other living beings. To attend a course in order to develop this natural gift is absolutely wonderful! Spiritual Healing comes from the Spirit World, through the Spirit administering it, to the Spirit receiving it.  That is why it works so well.

The Healing course is an ongoing course with four weekends per year, which means that you can start at a date which suits you. We have everything from total beginners up to advanced students on our courses which we believe is very rewarding both for the attendees as well as for the energy.  The new ones have the possibility to ask other students as well as the teacher, and the advanced students have new people to teach what they know.  It has turned out to be a very valuable way of working with the courses.  It is a win-win situation for everyone involved.  The advanced students assist the newer ones with their energies, so our friends in the Spirit World are assisted as well in that way.

The Healing course is both certified and you can also get a Diploma when you are advanced enough.  The certified course is run during two years.  We meet four times per year and in order to get this certificate you need to attend at least eight out of ten courses in a row.  When you have attended those eight weekends you will get a test both in theory and in practice in order to achieve the certificate.  If you only wish to attend a few courses without getting this certificate you are as welcome – my weekend courses are open for everyone.  If you are serious with your Healing and wish to develop it to a good level, you can also go for the Diploma.

We will focus a lot on both the spiritual and the personal development since most often you need to change your thinking in order for our friends in the spirit World to be able to help us to be what we are meant to be. There are a few different ways you can work and we will find out what you need in order to develop you gift in the best way possible. It is incredibly fun work and a lot of joy involved since we use several different techniques to develop your gift. It is also important that you get an understanding of how the spirit world works and other important information so you are able to have a good working knowledge and good knowledge of your field of interest in order to be able to stay away from all sensations that so many people believe in and refer to.  We are therefore doing short speeches at every course with inspiration, information and solid knowledge about these subjects.  It can i.e. be experiences within Mediumship, about the functions of the guides, how to work with the spirit world, spiritualism, the aura, trance, healing and about demonstrations, readings and other subjects of interest.  We will also go through how Contact Healing works, Absent Healing and Self-Healing.

The course is built upon developing and enhancing your healing ability and during the course we will work a lot with meditation since it is in this way we put ourselves in the right condition for our spirit friends to be able to help us, and to have an easier time to work through us. It is not about the technique with healing for it is never the technique that heals, but it is you who need to be the best channel you can be, but working on your mental attitudes who doesn’t serve you in your work.  To learn to unconditionally give this loving healing energy also means to learn to accept it yourself.  The first patient is you.  The first two years most of the focus is on healing yourself, since it is very important that we ourselves feel good in order to be able to help others.  If it was only the technique it is quickly done teaching anyone, but that isn’t healing and that is what so many people is lacking in understanding.  There is nothing “quick” with the Spirit World, neither with Healing nor Mediumship.  We are the ones needing the time to help ourselves to feel better with their help, in order to be the best channel we can be.

When going for the Diploma you need to have developed so much that you can allow this loving healing energy work through you in a consistent and good way, where the ego has stepped aside and where we see a good result after each healing session.  It is also good with a sound theoretical knowledge so therefore there will be a few tests on this as well.  It takes time to develop this gift to a good standard but it is really worth it! Try to practice as much as you can on friends and acquaintances between every weekend course, as well as meditate and invite your spirit friends to help you with your issues, you will notice that you’ll be developing both yourself as well as your gift.  The more you do in your own spare time, the more you will get out of every weekend course.  If you are genuine in developing your gift I can help you, but you will have to do your part as well.  It is cooperation between you and me, and your spirit friends.  It is a wonderful path you have chosen to tread, where personal and spiritual development is at the center, shared with joy and work in harmony and love.


Price: 2200 kr / weekend course incl. coffee/tea during the weekend + compendium – see the calender for next coursedate available. The course is between Saturday-Sunday 10:00-17:00.

For information: 0720-37 48 09 alt. email us on: info@lindblomacademy.com

You can pay either by Swish, debit card or cash.  If you wish you can also pay in advance to BankGiro: 5309-8216 (Lindblom Academy) and bring a printout of the transaction.