Lindblom Academy trains and educates within Mediumship, Healing and Meditation.

We have been working with these energies over 18 years and we are located in Västerås, only about  1½ hour drive from Stockholm.  Helena Lindblom is the one who founded Lindblom Academy and is also in charge of all the training and education within the Academy.

For more personal information about her, please se her homepage: www.helenalindblom.com

We work both in Sweden and internationally with Public Demonstrations, Group Demonstrations, Private Readings, Healing, Meditation, Mediumship courses, Healing Courses and  Meditation Courses.

We have a solid knowledge and understanding of the subject and we put a lot of emphasis on relaying this with both humor and seriousness.  It is a serious subject but you don't need to take yourself so seriously.  We have our feet firmly on the ground but with our focus on the Spirit World. We train you to certificate and diploma level within Mediumship, Healing and Meditation.

Our focus is also to be able to relay as much as we can with a solid knowledge and foundation within these subjects as we can and as a part of that we are now working on putting together books for everyone.  We feel that there are too few good books that are based upon knowledge rather than sensationalism and we would like to help people with this in an orderly manner based upon common sense.
See our webshop for more information about them.

Helena Lindblom has CSNU in both Demonstrating and Public Speaking from Arthur Findlay Collage in England.  She is one of very few people from Scandinavia who has received these nominations.  She has now also achieved CSNU(t) in Mediumship, which means that she is now recognised as a teacher in Mediumship for SNU in England.  As it is now, she is the only one in Sweden who has this certificate!

CSNU(t) - in Mediumship

CSNU demonstrating small  CSNU public speaking small