Mediumship course - Module 1

Unfold and Develop your mediumistic ability

What is this course about?

Online course;” Mediumship - Module 1”  

I believe more and more people are interested in the Spirit World but do not know if they have the ability to become a Medium, 
or even how to go about unfolding and developing it.  

Perhaps they have tried a few exercises but have not gotten the results they wished for and now doubt that they can do this....  

.....many people would like to learn to trust their senses more when it comes to their sensitivity to energies around them....   

Learn what you need to know to be able to communicate with the Spirit World and in this way unfold and develop your mediumship!

Then you should keep reading this!  

To unfold and develop the spiritual abilities for mediumship and healing is truly so rewarding and it will make you feel good with what you do.  This online course is for you who are serious about it and wish to learn about Mediumship in a correct and good way already form the start.  

This course will give you knowledge and a very good foundation for your continued learning.  You will be coached, helped, and encouraged so you can continue to develop both yourself as a person and your spiritual abilities for communication with he Spirit World.  

The course focuses on knowledge about mediumship and spirituality and helps you to become a good ambassador for the Spirit World.  I am with you every week, so you have my full attention during the whole course!  I will help you, instructs you and teach you what you need to know to start your mediumistic and spiritual development which will put you in good stead for your future learning and a solid foundation. 

Attend this course so that you know you are getting the correct knowledge from the beginning.  There is a vast sea of different mediums who offers mediumistic courses where many also gives you a certificate after only a few weekend courses.  

There is nothing quick about developing our spiritual abilities since they are working through our own soul and to the level which we have come in our spiritual development.  Even if you have been born with theses abilities you still need to train them up.  

No one can work as a medium without being under the direction of the Spirit World and their energy.  That is what you will learn on this course, among other things.  

There is a limited number of seats in this course so I can give you as a participant full attention so I will only accept you if you are willing to do the job, to put aside the time for your own development and that you are serious about it.    

The course is done online during a period of 8 weeks, and we meet up once a week.  Each lesson is about 2½ hours so there will be plenty of time for your questions during each lesson.  

You will get access to the Facebook-group for you who attend these courses and where you can have the opportunity to share experiences, questions, and thoughts with likeminded people.  You can also practice with the other participants on the course as well here.  

I who will tutor you on this course is Helena Lindblom and I have been working fulltime as a medium and a healer for many years.  I started and is running my business Lindblom Academy and I train and teach within Mediumship, Healing and Meditation.  

I believe it is of outmost importance that we keep practicing, developing and train ourselves to consistently become better and better, so I have continuously developed my abilities as well within these subjects, which has given me a thorough knowledge in this.   

I have attended many courses and have both certificates and a diploma from Arthur Findlay College in England, which is the highest renowned college for psychic studies in the world today.  I have achieved their certificate for teachers as well as diploma in demonstrating mediumship.  

This means for you as a student and a customer an assurance that the Academy stands for high quality, since I have a through education and knowledge of what it is all about, how it works and why it works.  

My wish is to teach what I learnt during all these years, so that you too can unfold and develop your spiritual abilities to be in contact with the Spirit World in a good way.  I will be there with you and help you on the way.  

Welcome with your registration on the course!   

Please Observe!  If you are taking anti-depressant tablets or have any sort of mental disorder, I will not be able to work with you.   It is especially important that we are mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stable to be the best channel for the Spirit World as possible, since this communication is only done though our own subconscious mind, where our soul is.  

Would you like to register on the course but to pay in installments, then it is fine - you then choose to click on the button where it says 3 payments. 

 Welcome to register on the course!  

Course Curriculum

My name is Helena Lindblom and I founded and running Lindblom Academy, where I focus on teaching and training people within Mediumship, Healing and Meditation.  I am the one who oversees all the training within this Academy.

  I have Certificates and a Diploma from Arthur Findlay College in England, and I am one of the very few people within Scandinavia who has attained these awards.  I am currently the only one in Sweden with a Diploma in Demonstrating.  

I work full time as a medium and healer, and I do both courses, assessments, private consultations, demonstrations of mediumship, and private tutoring online. 

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