Spiritual Assessment

A Spiritual Assessment about you.

This guidance is for you who has a desire to gain a deeper understanding, contact and relationship with your own Spirit, the Spirit World and your own spiritual work.  Here you receive a personal guidance where you have the opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of the process which you are in and how you can develop your spiritual pathway.

I will be focusing on you and your spiritual potential by allowing my Spirit team (my team of guides and helpers) give the spiritual aspects of you.  I will be focusing on your spiritual pathway and give you guidance for your spiritual development.  It will not be about what will happen in the future and the physical challenges in life which many people wish to find out from a psychic who do for instance tarotcards, but it is a guidance of your spiritual potential.  I never use any divination tools such as tarotcards, angel cards etc.

I will not be telling the future but to try to give you an insight into your own spiritual potential which can include a glimps of your situation which you are in at present.  I can only give you information which I receive from my mediumship and the co-operation with my spirit team.  I will be linking with my team of guides and helpers from the Spirit World which will be in contact with your spirit team and in this way be able to relay the information they wish to give to you.


This Spiritual Assessment will be recorded and is included in the price, either as a audiofile (mp3) alternatively on a cd.  The recording will be sent to you within a week.

Price: 700 kr / 30 min